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What Is a Konjac Sponge and How to Use It?

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Have you ever heard of Charcoal Konjac Sponge? Exfoliation is essential to your daily skincare routine, but many people skip it. Your skin may appear dry, rough, and dull when old skin cells begin to build up on its surface. Dead skin cells can clog pores, resulting in acne and pimples when we don’t exfoliate.

There are some ways to exfoliate your skin, and one popular one is facial scrubs. However, most facial scrubs on the market contain dangerous pollutants that are not safe for your and your family’s health.

 Even with skin exfoliation, you can always rely on Softcare to provide all-natural and organic solutions. Konjac sponge is the right thing that you need.

What Is a Konjac Sponge?

The Konjac vegetable, a native plant of Asian origins, is used to make the Konjac sponge. It is entirely organic, contains 97 percent water, and is mineral-rich.

The Konjac facial brush is entirely biodegradable, not like other brushes made of plastic or powered by batteries. It doesn’t contain any irritants, additions, coloring, or chemicals (which we are all about).

In China, Korea, and Japan, people have used the konjac sponge for over 1,500 years as a remedy and a beauty product. It is incredibly gentle on the skin because it was initially developed for sensitive infant skin.

There are some of the benefits of konjac sponge as follows:

  •         100% Natural Vegetable Fiber
  •         Packed with Minerals & Antioxidants
  •         Non-toxic 
  •         Earth-Friendly
  •         Naturally Sustainable
  •         Kind to the environment and Skin
  •         100% Additive-Free and free from Impurities and Pollutants
  •         100% Cruelty-Free and Certified Vegan 
  •         Coloring-Free and Biodegradable

The konjac sponge has a fine and natural outer layer that feels fibrous yet is incredibly soft. It is not rough like normal sponges or loofahs. The more sensitive skin on your face is ideal for it.

Konjac sponge makes your skin clean and fair and also provides a soft effect. It never leaves any mark, rash, or irritates your skin.

These sponges are natural and made from plants, and it aims to provide your skin with a radiant and glowy effect.

Charcoal Face Sponge

There are only two ingredients in our konjac sponge. One of our favorites is that other extremely potent ingredient, bamboo charcoal.

Charcoal, which can brighten, clarify, and balance, is made from trees. For our Charcoal Face Sponge, we obtain charcoal from bamboo. Since there is historical evidence of its use in ancient China, bamboo charcoal is not a novel element.

Numerous vitamins and nutrients found in bamboo charcoal are beneficial to the skin. First, potassium is important for keeping skin hydrated, moisturized, and nourished.

Despite this apparent contradiction, bamboo charcoal also has magnesium, which helps to moderate and balance skin oil.

How Should a Konjac Sponge Be Used?

You should get your sponge to its full size when you first obtain it. You might need to soak it in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes. It is ready for usage after it is moist and soft.

Use the sponge to gently wash your face in upward, circular strokes, either with or without a natural cleanser. Wash your face with water. Hang the sponge to dry until the next time, then rinse it until the water runs clear.

For Acne

The charcoal sponge will produce the ideal outcome for both combination/oily skin. The skin prone to acne can perform well if you clean it with a Tea Tree cleanser. Tea tree oil is a potent essential oil that is well-known for having antibacterial and antifungal effects.

 A faster route to a clearer complexion helps eliminate germs even when a pimple has already started to appear. For thoroughly cleaned pores, bamboo charcoal will pull impurities from the skin.

For Dull Skin

Summer skin is only a rinse away if that’s your go-to appearance! To reveal an inner radiance and soften the appearance, use a charcoal sponge.

This energetic combo will surely calm down after an energetic day of sunbathing at the beach. In this way, it helps to make your skin glow and clean. Moreover, it offers a radiant complexion that endures even after the sun sets.

After lengthy outside exposure, the skin will be cleansed by damaging free radicals and environmental pollutants by the detoxifying Konjac Sponge.

For Dry Skin

If your skin is dehydrated, konjac sponge and coconut oil cleansing milk work together. Gentle coconut milk promotes skin suppleness and a more youthful appearance. Add glycerin to the cleanser to serve as extremely moisturizing humectants.

To experience the deep moisturizing power of this cleanser morning and night, use the sponge to remove dead skin cells and other debris from the skin.

How To Keep A Konjac Sponge For A Long Time?

Use the softcarekonjacsponge as directed, then rinse and squeeze it until the water is clear. You should hang up to dry in a well-ventilated area. The porous konjac fiber dries well by air. Moreover, you can often change your sponge every four to six weeks.

You’ll have all you need for six months of gentle, natural cleansing and exfoliation if you get 2-3 sponges. The sponge surface starts weakening, which signifies that you should change it.

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