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Whether your face sponge is an old-fashioned wedge or a Beauty blender (or a similar-shaped imitation), it has to be cleaned more frequently than you would imagine. Because they are made to be porous and absorbent, dirty face sponges have the potential to behave as natural magnets for bacteria. As bacteria accumulate, they may also lead to acne, just like everything else that comes into contact with your skin.

How Frequently Should I Wash My Face Sponges?

In a perfect world, you would always wash your face with sponges. The greatest strategy to prevent bacteria from forming in the first place is to clean often. If you use the same face sponge every day but are unable to squeeze a daily wash into your schedule, you should clean your sponges at least once a week. We have compiled a list of quick and simple methods to help make that procedure less tedious.

How to wash a face sponge

Here are some different ways you can wash your face sponge. So let’s find out different ways and the best among them. 

How to Wash a Face Sponge with Soap

It is the most frequent approach to clean your face sponge because it involves the least amount of work and resources. You can use an exfoliating face sponge or any other sponge you have for cleaning and follow these steps.

Fill a dish with hot water:

Start by completely submerging your sponge in a small dish of warm water. It expands more and becomes easier to clean the wetter it becomes.

Include soap:

So, to remove all the extra product from your face sponge, drizzle it with ordinary soap and massage. Another option is to use dishwashing soap. By acting as a degreaser, the formula further aids in the breakdown of facial residue.


After removing any remaining grime, thoroughly rinse your sponge under clean water to ensure that all of the soap and face are removed. After removing any remaining water, lay it flat to dry. That’s where. It takes 60 seconds to finish.

How to Use a Solution to Clean Your Face Sponge

Prepare a bath:

Pour warm water into a bowl or cup, then stir in the liquid soap to make a frothy mixture. Add your sponge after that. Before putting it back in, you may use a bar of soap to spot-clean any stubborn spots.

Let the sponge soak:

After immersing your sponge in the soapy water, lather it. Then, squeeze to clear the sink of any product accumulation and filthy water. After that, give your sponge some time to absorb the solution. Thus, it can remain there for five minutes to a day, depending on how long it has been since you cleansed it.


Once you’re finished, drain your solution and give your sponge a good squeeze to remove any remaining water. After letting it air dry, you may proceed.

How to Use Micellar Water to Clean a Face Sponge

You can try everything, but certain stains won’t go away. This is where micellar technology comes in to play two roles: it works incredibly well at eliminating stains from your face and effortlessly lifts them off your sponge. Thus, we suggest picking up a bottle of our Face Remover + Cleansing Water. Plus, it functions as a powerful magnet on the face thanks to micellar technology and blue agave extract.

Massage with micellar water:

Use our Face Remover + Cleaning Water to saturate your Prism Face Sponge and remove stubborn facial stains. Also, to ensure that the formula reaches every nook and cranny, massage it.

Cleanse twice:

Although micellar technology works well at removing facial stains, it cannot eradicate microorganisms. Use dishwashing or antibacterial soap to double-cleanse the sponge to make sure it is completely clean.


After eliminating all bacteria and stains from your face, rinse your sponge with fresh water and let it air dry.

How to Use a Washing Machine to Clean Your Face Sponge

You receive additional points for this strategy since it allows you to work on two tasks at once.

Scoop up some sponges:

Put your sponges in with your next load of laundry, regardless of how many you’re cleaning. You may store your sponges in a mesh laundry bag if you’re concerned about any remaining face ruining your clothing or losing them in the wash like a stray sock.

Place them in the laundry:

After adding washing detergent, wash according to your preference. Because face sponges are known for being strong, you don’t need to be concerned about them breaking.

Place them into the dryer:

You may also tumble-dry your face sponges with your clothing to reduce the amount of time they need to air dry. They should be ready to depart after that.

How to Use a Microwave to Clean Your Face Sponge

If you need a fast clean, microwaves work surprisingly well since the heat effectively kills microorganisms.

Pour water and soap into a cup:

Fill a cup that is suitable to use in the microwave with water. To make a mixture, add soap (dish soap or antibacterial soap would work).

Include the sponges:

Put the sponge into the cup. For maximum results, make sure it is completely immersed.

Use a microwave:

Put the microwave on for sixty seconds. When it’s finished, let everything 30 seconds to cool before taking everything out.

Press and allow to dry:

After carefully squeezing out the excess water, let the sponge air dry.

How to Use a Cleaning Pad to Wash Your Face Sponge

Cleaning pads are practical products that encourage you to cleanse your face sponge more frequently. Not only are they reasonably priced, but they are also quite simple to use.

Include soap:

Make sure everything is covered by drizzling some soap onto your Prism sponge and working it in.

Make use of the cleaning pad:

To quickly remove stains and tough areas, rub your sponge on the cleansing pad’s bristles. Thus, for a deeper clean, add extra soap as necessary.

Clean up:

Before letting your sponge dry, you should give it a quick wash under some water for better results. 

The Final Takeaway

Although cleaning your makeup sponges should be done every day, cleaning them once a week is a good backup plan. All you need to wash your Konjac sponge wholesale is your go-to cleanser, whether it’s a bar soap, liquid dish soap, gentle antibacterial shampoo, face cleanser, or specialist makeup cleanser. Ultimately, maintaining clean sponges will guarantee flawless makeup application and reduce the likelihood of rashes, irritations, breakouts, and sensitivities.

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