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7 Ways To Clean Exfoliating Facial Sponges

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Exfoliating facial sponges that are reusable and microbial-resistant are a greener alternative to traditional exfoliators. Like all other reusable cosmetic products, these sponges must be cleaned regularly. A filthy sponge may collect grime, bacteria, oils, and other junk, causing skin injury. On a daily or weekly basis, wash your makeup blenders with liquid or solid soap. 

You may be aware that cosmetic brushes can be cleaned, but did you realize that your exfoliating facial sponge can also be cleaned? Yes, those facial sponges can be cleaned. 

Exfoliating facial sponges are the best way to exfoliate the skin gently. Daily, these sponges assist in the removal of all dead skin cells, which leaves the skin radiant and glowing. Wash your face in circular movements with the sponge to encourage the formation of new skin cells.

There are many ways to clean exfoliating facial sponges. A few of them are:

  • Antibacterial Bar Soap

Soak the filthy exfoliating sponges in warm water until fully saturated. Rub an antibacterial soap bar back and forth on the sponge to make a lather. Hold the sponge under clean water once you’ve got a hand full of dirt and grime out of the sponge. Continue to squeeze out the soapy water while holding them under the water. Squeeze off the excess water and put the sponges out to air dry after the water coming off the sponge is clean.

  • Water soak the sponges

This two-cleansing process will get that sponge clean and remove any remaining dirt. Pour a few drops of liquid soap into a basin of warm water to begin. Swish the liquid around with your hands to make a soapy solution. Put the soiled sponges to soak in the solution for several minutes.

To make a nice lather, rub the soap bar across the sponge. Massage the sponge with your fingers, paying special attention to the filthy regions. It’s time to rinse when you notice dirt pouring out of the sponge. Squeeze the sponge while holding it under running water to remove any residual residue. You may lay the sponge out to dry after the water is clear.

  • Microwave method

The microwave may be used for more than simply cooking! While the microwave has its limitations, it is an excellent method for cleaning and sanitizing sponges. But don’t just throw it in the microwave; It will end up with a melted mass of something strange. To clean an exfoliating sponge in the microwave, follow these instructions.

Squeeze a few drops of Johnson baby shampoo into the water in the mixing basin and whisk to combine the ingredients. Submerge the sponge in the liquid once it has been pre-wet.

Microwave for one minute in a microwave-safe bowl. Remove the sponge from the soapy, filthy water and wring it out thoroughly under running water.

  • Blendercleanser solution

If you’re afraid to produce a DIY solution for cleaning your exfoliating face sponges, a Blendercleanser solution is excellent. Blendercleanser solid may also be used to clean sponges on the move.

To begin, dampen the sponge. Using the sponge, apply a dime-size quantity of Blendercleanser to the dirty areas and massage the soap in.

Knead the sponge with your fingertips until the dirt is gone. Place the sponge under running water and squeeze it until the water clears.

  • Olive Oil or Coconut Oil

An exfoliating sponge cleanser may be made using a mixture of oil and soap. The entire procedure is quick and straightforward, requiring only a few minutes to complete.

Oil is great since it aids in breaking up and loosening any dirt particles in the sponge. This method can also be used to remove hair color from hands. In a mixing basin, combine the dish soap and oil. To release dirt, roll the sponge around in the mixture while kneading. Squeeze off the soap, oil, and any residue by massaging the sponge under warm water until the water runs clear. Allow the sponge to air dry.

  • Washing Machine Method

This hack is great when you have a vast number of facial sponges that need to be cleaned but don’t have the time. This technique demonstrates cleaning a beauty blender without getting your hands filthy.

Soak the sponges in a bowl of soapy water with a few squirts of dish liquid cleaner before using. This procedure will aid in removing dirt and the breakdown of any residue.

Place the sponges in a pillowcase and knot the end tight once they’ve been soaked. Set the washing machine to the warm, delicate, no-spin cycle. Place the sponges on a paper towel to dry once cleaned.

  • Brush cleaning mat 

This procedure may be known to those who are well-versed in the realm of makeup instruments. A brush cleaning mat is a flat piece of silicone with different bumps and ridges that, when rubbed over its surface, helps to release the product from cosmetic brushes and sponges. Follow the instructions to clean the dirty exfoliating face sponges.

Start by properly soaking your makeup sponge to get the most out of the mat. After that, use a soft soap and begin lightly rubbing or pressing the sponge against the mat until dirt starts to come off. Repeat the rubbing operation from various angles to ensure that your sponge’s whole surface is coated. Finish by washing the sponge under running water and gently squeezing it to remove any remaining grime.

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